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I have been banned twice am currently banned for 1 month 🤔1st ban prevented me answering questions,on what I had read to make me state I was never having another vax...I was in a strong position ( not anti vax) as vaxed 8 times in 2 years 😳2 flu,3 Covid,Pneumonia,Shingles,Tetanus.Very bad reaction to Pfizer Booster.🤬🤯

All my links to World Council for Health removed,people saying “I know you have answered me but I can’t find it!

Next Door is as tightly controlled as You Tube etc.

My 1 month ban was for posting Safe and Effective Oracle films.com also for explaining publicly that I had been banned and prevented from answering my neighbours questions!

Many idiots answered ...Substack full of Conspiracy Theorists...Must be true because they all checked on Google 🤣😂.

Good luck Joel,I don’t think you will last long.

In 1 month I am going to reply personally to everyone who made a comment,then I will probably be banned permanently.

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I left after 2 months due to it being a useless waste of space

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The *extreme* censorship at Nextdoor is what led me to start a Substack, so I guess I have them to thank for prompting this transformative step in my life :-)

As I note at the end of my first article (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/a-primer-for-the-propagandized), it began as a comment on a post saying masks were about control. By the time I finished writing my comment, the post had been memoryholed.

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It's been useful for information on local traders. Have come to realise the extent of political intention though!

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I don’t spend a lot of time on Nextdoor for the same reason many others I know don’t. Any time someone quite innocently and politely mentions something that is even slightly against the ubiquitous evil narrative, that person is bombarded with acrimonious, dismissive, and idiotic responses -- with a couple of supportive replies sprinkled in. Invariably, those few who offered even a modicum of support suffer the same attacks...almost all ad hominem.

That said, I have found it useful for finding firsthand recommendations for trustworthy help, such as lawn caretakers, plumbers, painters, etc., almost anything you could imagine one might need for home upkeep or maintenance.

Also, crime has been steadily increasing in our sparkling little suburb, so people post about suspicious activity and the local constables and sheriffs post alerts about crime in near real-time.

Other than these positives, the fact that one must tiptoe around and craft what might be construed as controversial with the utmost care is maddening!

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It's highly censored, a rant space and a bit of a slug.

I find my attempts to "convert" anyone via a "debate" on any social media is fools errand. They are in their bubble, they have made public their position however mad it might be, and you'll not pop it with a tweety shouting match for example.


What is interesting on Nextdoor is observing the mood and frustrations of day to day *local* issues.

If you want a lot of people to vote for you, you'll need to get a connection with them and find those who will assist you locally.

Maybe work out an introduction and answer questions. Where are you going to meet them irl?

Where would you hold your surgeries?

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