I agree with Gary; I think the desperate Tories have made a big mistake expelling Bridgen. He does not strike me as the sort of person who will take this lying down. Also, other Tory MPs who have kept their mouths shut so far, who may have silently celebrated Bridgen's raising of this critical issue, are now going to be very uncomfortable. Comparisons of the mass forced and coerced experimental injection campaign (in the UK and elsewhere, but more especially in ISRAEL) are legitimately comparable with the Holocaust and pointing this out is NOT anti-Semitism. Allowing mass murder by the state to happen AGAIN, allowing the Nuremberg Code to be trashed on a global scale IS anti-Semitic, in that it totally disregards the harsh lessons of the past and blatantly disrespects the millions who lost their lives in the Nazi concentration camps. I salute Andrew Bridgen and hope that he hits back at this most openly corrupt Tory government and political establishment in history

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Jan 12, 2023·edited Jan 12, 2023

Yes, a grave error ( no pun intended ), I would say with some confidence that this will make Bridgen the most popular MP in Parliament over the next few months, he is not going to shut up and that will make him a very powerful asset.

I would also say not to lose sight of the fact that the opposition are just as cowardly, their dereliction of duty to their constituents, and to democracy itself as opposition, could sink them also.

Labour are actually replicating their pre referendum 'Brexit' position where they remained silent pretending it was all Tory infighting when all along it was a Labour voter issue, which is why they got wiped out. Lets not lose sight of the fact that the working class have the long standing higher % of vax sceptics. ( I could also explain why this is but that's another story )

Parliament could well be creating the perfect storm.

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Can Bridgen attend parliament if he's been expelled?

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Yes, losing the 'party whip' is suspension from the Tory Party but remains the elected representative for his constituency. Essentially an 'Independent'.

He also has a separate Parliament suspension punishment but that expires in a couple of days

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Thank you.

I hope he becomes a really big fly in their ointment for the duration of his time in parliament.

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Bridgen has made a public statement following his suspension. He's not taking it lying down.


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Perfect response, he is almost off any leash now, I hope they do kick him actually. Tories have totally mismanaged this, it will end very badly for them.

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Their actions tell you everything you need to know as did the pathetic number who could be bothered to actually turn up to listen what Andrew had to say at his vaccine debate. He is a brave man with integrity and in a very, very tiny minority.

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Hopefully, this will make Bridgen's voice more powerful.

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I've sent an email of support to andrew.bridgen.mp@parliament.uk

May I suggest others do as well?

It only needs to be one line, just to cheer him on and know that others are not fooled by Sunak etc. We're all of us only human and we all need a kind word in hard times to keep us pushing on against the malice of the media etc. I hope it will give him strength!

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I'm Canadian, but I just sent on my thanks.

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Good for you

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We're in the same boat here, across the pond.

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I know you are - in fact Canada seems to be one of the most authoritarian countries and now they are promoting death via MAID. Trudeau is one of Klaus Scwab's favourites and they way he treated the truckers told you all you need to know about him. I can't stand actually hearing him speak - he makes me feel sick.

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Me too. He’s truly nauseating

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Done. Thanks for suggesting this.

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Agreed I sent him one after his debate and I heard him say on an interview he had received thousands of emails. He needs our support

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Good idea, I have just done that and coppied in my MP and Rishi Sunak.

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We need to get out on to the streets and talk to the public face to face about the vax harms and cost. This is a good time while Mr Bridgen and the NHS strikes are in the news. An organised campaign based around a petition would get public support and gain traction. A political party or an organisation like The Together Declaration could take this on board and run a simple, well organised campaign.

The demands in the petition should be :

1. Immediate suspension of the programme.

2. Immediate stop to monies being paid to the manufacturers and distributors of the vaxes.

3. The contracts made by the authorities with the pharmaceutical companies to be declared null and void as they are fraudulent.

4. Full compensation to be sought from the pharma cos. for those who have died and are injured.

5. The pharma cos. to be prosecuted for fraud.

6. Investigations launched into the health administrators responsible for recommending the vaxes and negotiating the contracts in order to weed out the corrupt officials, prosecute them, and imprison them.

7. Refund in full of all monies paid for the vaxes. They don't work. The products are faulty. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK!

Visible opposition in the street is key, and is needed in order to by-pass the media stranglehold.

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Of the many many attacks on our democratic freedoms, this one has shocked me most.

In the aftermath of the war, the Germans spoke of repression via "communicative silencing" and "sayability rules".. when describing what was allowed to be talked about This is clearly what we are experiencing.

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That's very interesting. Do you a link at all? I'd like to look into that further if I can.

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This is me https://hughmccarthy.substack.com/

Though the actual source is in a book called- Aftermath. Life in the Fallout of the Third Reich by Harald Jahner. It is a social history , as indeed the name implies

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I've now ordered that book. Thanks for alerting me to it. 👍

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Cool! Thank you! 🤗

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The WEF, WHO & UN are the puppet masters who are pulling the strings on all our corrupt politicians, corrupt governments & lying MSM.

The WEF & all the evil elites meeting in Davos are all working overtime for complete control over as many governments that will join their NWO/OWO Marxist nightmare.

They are working overtime for the “Digital Dollar” & death of cash so they can control everyone’s access to their own money!

You say something they don’t like & they will cut off your access to your own money.

They are purposefully doing everything they can to bankrupt every country & then they will come in & take over.

Never forget everyone meeting in Davos wants depopulation of as many as possible!

They thought the Covid shots would kill a lot more & they could blame the deaths on the Covid virus, thank God for all the Hero Doctor Whistleblowers.

If we don’t unite & fight back, they will continue to: Kill, Steal & Destroy!

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If you think it’s bad now wait until the WHO amended pandemic treaty our governments are so going to come into effect.

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I agree it is a shot across the bows of other MP’s, who dare to step forward and question, just as they did with medical profession, who are now criminally maintaining the agenda. They must know the harms they are doing, as most people I speak to know someone with sudden health detriments or a sudden unexplained death. However, I struggle to believe that they think this will give all of them a place on the Ark. Their job, family and friends will all be collateral damage under the WEF, NWO directives. Humanitarian endeavour is left to the few who put themselves forward and challenge. Thank you. I hope the support for Andrew Bridgen becomes loud and plentiful.

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Jan 25, 2023·edited Jan 25, 2023

'They must know the harms they are doing, as most people I speak to know someone with sudden health detriments..'

Here is a story for you. I work for one of those 'theys'. In fact, the 'they' I work for is someone *very* close to this story. Couldn't get any closer, in fact. Rhymes with 'Brief Kip'.

Brief Kip and his wife were in the office together one day, a little before the Christmas break. During the conversation, Brief Kip mentions how his friend had attended A & E thinking he was having a stroke. Panic (though not concern) was averted when it turned out to be Bell's palsy/Ramsey-Hunt syndrome.

"Oh gosh" his wife exclaims. 'Unbelievably', one of her friends has also just been diagnosed with this - "What are the chances?".

What are the chances indeed. I ask if they had *ever* known someone to suffer from Ramsey-Hunt syndrome, nevermind have *two* friends with it *at the same time*. I asked rhetorically whether they thought the roll-out of a 'world-beating' (as I must refer to it in the writings I prepare) common denominator may just be a coincidence.

Cue howls of laughter, and jokes about me 'living in dark corners of the internet'.


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Unfortunately, this also hints at Bridgen being controlled opposition.

After being put into the limelight with his pro-vaccine speech, which perhaps politicians not in the pockets of big pharma might have silently agreed with (from afar), he then sets himself to be shot down (predictably) by using the "H" word which any novice politician would have known to avoid.

Enjoy the show!

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Okay, so what? What then? By suggesting he is 'controlled opposition' it seems to me you are putting forward a counsel of despair. What positive thing do you propose to help?

My take on it is that people are human. We're all flawed in some way or another. If we're waiting for the perfect hero we'll wait a long time. Better to cheer on those who speak truth, even if their motives may not 100% align with ours. That truth is spoken is the important part.

Of course we always need to keep our wits about us. I've seen it myself locally, where I believe a popular vaxx awareness campaign has unfortunately been coopted by a fifth column, which is a bummer. We always need to be alert to that possibility. But at the same time, in my view it's always good to cheer on and support any and all speaking of the truth.

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The only way we can properly move forward is by pursuing the truth of the situation. It won't help us to be happy now and trapped later.

What I said is my opinion only, you need to decide for yourself if you agree with it or not.

In Israel, we have seen draconian laws being put into place with the entire opposition silent, leading to the conclusion of many that there is 100% control.

All divide and conquer has historically relied on two sides fighting each other.

So where does this take us - 1. the opposition you are supporting MIGHT be a trap - to build a public opposition so the general public and more importantly the police follow orders in pursuing us when the government institutes laws so draconian we are forced to break them. 2. If that is the case we need to explore alternatives.

Clearly, one alternative is revolution (real revolution) but they are getting prepared for that and it would only accelerate their ability to send the police, but it is one option.

Another option is to become leaders ourselves, and not rely on those who bring the truth 2 years too late to stop the plan in action. To go local, to operate outside of big tech controlled social media.

I do not say what I say to depress others, but rather to seek solutions forward.

Cheering a speaker who no one heard not in the chamber and certainly not on the MSM makes ourselves feel good but doesn't change the opinion of the 99% who didn't hear him.

Wishing you and all of us only the best.

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Israel must be a nightmare at the moment. I've been following the info on vaxx injuries there since 2021. It looks like a crisis already. Europe is not far behind. I think you are at the heart of it, and I wish you strength and discernment. Yes, wishing us all only the best!

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The situation in Israel is... complex.

For one thing, we exited the covid restrictions quicker than the US and Europe and have been living normally for a while.

We also have a large number of super high ranking doctors opposing the shots and getting airtime on MSM (quite likely controlled-opp - but for another day; https://www.pecc.org.il/council - weird their English links disappeared - you can autotranslate) but it did filter down to public awareness that the vaxxes were causing injuries - to the stage where even though most won't admit to it all being a scam - very few are going for the 5th shot (each progressive shot got much less - also due to pressure being removed).

While I know a good number of seriously injured and at least one healthy young man who died, I really get the impression that the MSM is exaggerating the vax injuries to radicalize the freedom movement. For example, the "died suddenly" (in Hebrew) is literally added to every single MSM reported death - without exception.

Could be worse - I have Australian citizenship too but am staying in Israel :)

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OK - found the English website


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How on this earth can "you" be living normally with the vast majority of your population jabbed and boosted to date, adverse events and deaths way above trend - and that is a "normal life"?

Bridgen was quoting other(s) when he mentioned the Holocaust - nothing to do with naivety but it has turned out to be a masterstroke of bringing these SARS COV2 /CV supporters to spout their rubbish and their attempt to trash him ( and thereby vicariously the evident truth of his references to fact in his HoC speech originally) - that egregious "defence" is going to be demolished brick by brick - please remember Sunak has gone on record as saying he did see the worth of UK "anti CV' measures , but then voted for them when he should have resigned if he knew what a position of honourable principal meant. He and the rest are being manipulated by WEF/WHO/Gates and others including Big Pharma and the UK/US Intelligence Services - he has zero credibility as a US green card holder and being married to a non dom and that will only deteriorate further as far as his personal reputation is concerned ( allegedly he has made millions form his Hedge fund investing in Moderna - do some research or listen to Dr David Martin about the reputation of this organisation) ,. It is frightenly ironic to me that the State of Israel has seen an extended event of induced mass harm in the 21st Century instigated by a globalist elite; does that not ring a bell for you?

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Well I am living perfectly well because my family and I stayed away from the shots.

But for those at my work who didn't, "only" 1 serious injury (ongoing for 2 years nearly). For the rest, minor injuries (for all the psychological reasons they can say it wasn't the shot, coincidence, it was the shot but we'll live with the abuse etc). And for the serious injury they can convince themselves it is fake (ya they really do).

So we have a population mostly in denial that the injuries caused were from the shots - also because the medical system denied it.

BUT - you have to understand that it looks like both the narrative and counter-narrative are controlled. When the MSM brings you (e.g. FOX in the US) anti-vax info its because they are building the anti-vax camp. I believe the numbers are being exaggerated to radicalize us.

This achieves many things - the normies can't relate or listen to us. They can stop us from taking constructive action while we slap our foreheads all day...

On the ground - most people are able to function - I have 7 kids, not one has a friend who is vax injured (large orthodox community with 10 kids per family on average). Not 1.

The Jewish saying is a wise person's eyes are in his head. All the stats are fake - don't rely on any of them, look around you.

Injured there are many, mass burials there aren't. Some deaths but still "rare" - talking about my personal community circle.

Enough ranting...

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Wow, seriously complex! Interesting about the Died Suddenly issue being over-hyped. It really does seem a bizarre psyop, doesn't it, apparently designed to confuse, frustrate and intimidate.

I remain confident that us ordinary people with common sense and a moral compass will still manage to muddle our way through this, come what may!

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It's pretty simple actually. You can't convince anyone of anything outside of their Overton window (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overton_window).

So if you try and tell all your friends you saw an alien they won't take you seriously.

Similarly, if you say people all over the place are dropping dead from the vaccine, and they look around themselves and don't see it....

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Like Tate leaving a conspicuous pizza box in front of him.

Like Kanye saying all the right stuff then setting himself up to be shot down.

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Unfunny how just mentioning the jews and their long list of abuses, crimes, lies and corruptive and subversive actions against almost every nation of this world gets one smack in the middle of the frying pan, but the ongoing vilifying and continuous bashing and destroying of the white people is not only allowed, but propagated and encouraged by the satanist cabal, their minions and their propaganda outlets.

The easy answer to "Who is killing us" question is "Those you are not allowed to mention".

Once the "Rule by Fear" has been established, weak minded people will censor themselves, making tyrant's lives easier. Obey, or else. OK, "obey" is fine, communism on steroids can't be that bad.

I have news for you all - it is and it already is here, and it has no intention whatsoever to go anywhere, anytime soon, for as long as the majority submits to its abuses.

Unfortunately, a vast percentage of the population got F marks in history, will repeat it and their pain will be atrocious. These times will be remembered as the "Last Known Dark Ages" where Evil met Stupid.

If there will be anyone left alive to do the remembering.

Trolls, start trolling now. Over and out.

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Thank you so much for your courage and conscience! We all feed off of each other’s conviction. The wall is cracking...keep fighting!

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Joel, I think it is now necessary for the police to follow him around. That way, they can arrest him when he silently prays.

P.S. To the young policeman that arrested that woman on the street for silently praying, you cannot fathom the visceral disgust I have for you and your fellow officers.

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"The shoe fits" the political mood in America as well: our congress can't be bothered with the concerns of the ordinary citizen, as they're to busy rearranging our lives for us. Possibly a worldwide phenomena? Others will have to judge.

What hath Covid wrought?

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Looks like substack deleted some replies here? They disappeared under my very nose ...???????

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Are you sure? If so, that's disgusting of Substack.

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I've also emailed the Chief Whip, simon.hart.mp@parliament.uk, and cc'd in Bridgen and Kathy Gyngell, to push him to publicly discuss the VAERS data etc rather than trying to silence Bridgen.

Again, the more emails received the better so please, anyone who posts on here, please also drop a quick one-line (or longer) email to Bridgen, Simon Hart, Sunak etc. (Do it from a protonmail account if you prefer untraceability.)

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